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Invitation letter for Algeria

Essalamu aleikum brothers and sisters, I need your help, please. I come from a small country of Serbia, Europe. I've been talking with a girl from Algeria for almost a year. We both agreed to get married, but the Algerian borders are closed for tourist visitors. I've called Algerian embassy in Serbia many times and I get the same answer every time. They say I cannot enter Algeria unless I have an invitation letter from someone in Algeria. So, here is the part where I need your help. I need someone to provide me an invitation letter for a friendly visit to Algeria. I don't know if this would work or help me to get a visa to enter the country but it is our last hope to come and visit her, because we've been waiting for so long to meet and get married. I will stay at the hotel for the whole time and I will pay for everything which includes airline ticket, food and accomodation. I will pay a small amount of money to whom will help me to do this as a gift for your effort. I asked her to send me the letter but she doesn't want to tell her parents about me because she is afraid she would look stupid if something goes wrong and I don't come to Algeria. 

Maybe someone with such an experience with invitation letters can help me find the answer. So, please brothers and sisters if any of you is willing to help me I would very much appreciate it.

قضايا ومجتمع



جواب نهار 15 نوفمبر


Please check the Instagram page. Plenty of people have offered to help with the requested letter. Best of luck and God bless!

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